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Dahlbak's new Project

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Dahlbak's new Project Empty Dahlbak's new Project

Post by LhYnxz on Wed Apr 30, 2008 8:31 pm

Dahlbak's new Project A4RACE_small

The new project!

The next project following the Golf RSI is now underway. This time the basis will be an Audi A4 with 4-wheel drive,
tube chassie, carbon fibre body and a 3.3 litre biturbo V8 midengine. More info shortly!

Golf RSI

Dahlbak's new Project Nr2Dahlbak's new Project Nr1
It all started in 1998 with an empty Golf IV body in the workshop.
The brand new body has now been completely stripped with a new
floor, new front and rear subframes and a roll cage. Everything
has been built from chrome-molybden pipes.The wide kit-car flares
from VW Motorsport in Hannover provide enough space for big rims
and tyres.
Dahlbak's new Project Nr5Dahlbak's new Project Nr6
Front subframe and suspension
Rear subframe and suspension
The rear subframe and suspension is a mix of Audi RS2 and Sport
Quattro with titanium swaybars and magnesium suspension struts.
The front subframe is custom built, also with titanium swaybars
and magnesium suspension struts.The exhaust is built from 4.5"
stainless steel pipes all the way from the turbo and back with a
single muffler under the car.The transmission stems from an Audi
IMSA car with a custom built final drive.
Dahlbak's new Project Nr7Dahlbak's new Project Nr8
Recaro carbon fibre sport seats, 6-point harness
Carbon fibre instrument panel and door trims
To further reduce weight, many of the stock parts have been
replaced by correspondning parts made from carbon fibre.
For example, the instrument panel, door trims, hood and bumpers
have all been replaced by carbon fibre dittos.The stock seats have
been removed in favor of Recaro carbon fibre sport seats with
6-point harness belts. All windows are made from lexan plastic.
Dahlbak's new Project Nr3Dahlbak's new Project Nr4
2.1 litre inline five cylinder turbo engine with a power range of
about 600-900 hp
The stock 1.8 litre engine has been replaced by an inline five
cylinder 2.1 litre Audi turbo engine with two large intercoolers. The
engine develops about 600-900 hp depending on the choice of
turbo and setup.To make room for the larger engine, the inner
fenders had to be replaced by chrome-molybden pipes.
Dahlbak's new Project Nr9
Dahlbak's new Project Nr10
Water and oil cooler moved to the back
Alcon brakes, 375 mm rotors, 10x19" wheels
The larger engine did not leave any space for water or oil coolers
in the front of the car so these had to be moved to the back with
an air intake in the roof.The car is equipped with Alcon brakes
with 375 mm front rotors and 355 mm rear rotors.Thanks to the
wider kit-car flares, it is possible to use 10x19" rims with
Bridgestone 265/30-19 or 12x20" rims with Bridgestone 285/30-
20. The overall weight of the car is about 1440 kg.

Dahlbak's new Project L_f875477b5de93375b700b493f12e84dc
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