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The Porsche 928

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The Porsche 928 Empty The Porsche 928

Post by LhYnxz on Fri Jan 25, 2008 5:05 pm

The Porsche 928 928gts
Faster than anything
as luxurious, more luxurious than anything as fast.

The 928 has had a great production
run, from 1978-1995. Even though the 1995 928 GTS didn't sell very
well, and was dropped from the Porsche line, the 928 is a proven winner.
For 17 years, this Porsche headed the model line-up in luxury and power.
The 928 was a tourer; only offered as a 2-door coupe with a big V8 engine.

The concept of the 928 originated in
1971. The model was first shown at the Geneva Auto Show in March of 1977.
By this time, the 928 was ready and running. Production began in September
of that year for the 1978 models. As it first came out, the 928 offered
a 4.5 liter 90 degree V8 as its only powerplant. You were given a choice
of a 5-speed manual transmission, or a 3-speed automatic. Power output
was at 219 horsepower. The 928 had its engine in the front, and the
transmission at the rear. Even though this concept was already shown on
the 924, the 928 was actually designed BEFORE the 924, therefore, the 928
is really the first "front engine" Porsche.

The Porsche 928 Wite928s

A 1982 928, in original form

The car was an extreme standout compared
to other cars of the time. The 928 seemed like a spaceship on the
road to everyone who saw it. We're used to its shape now, but think about
1977 and how it had to fit in with all those other econo-boxes. Technical
innovations included an incredibly long timing belt to drive the cams and
all accessories, and pistons running directly in the "Alusil" block. The
cylinder bores were etched to expose hard, wear resistant silicon particles.
The 928 had nearly perfect weight distribution, thanks to a sophisticated
multilink rear suspension known as the "Weissach" layout.

This employed a form of passive rear
wheel steering, giving the rear suspension toe-in on braking or deceleration
to combat trailing throttle oversteer, the first rear-steering system ever
offered to the public. Porsche didn't use aluminum very sparingly
on the 928--the doors, hood, and other large castings were composed of
it. Inside, you were treated to the most modern interior design of any
car on the road, with an adjustable instrument pod, electronic comfort
and convenience features, and the highest grade materials. It was also
one of the quietest cars on the road, and it could still match the 911
in performance.

Specifications for the 1995 GTS


32 valve DOHC per bank, 90 degree V8,
aluminum block and heads

Bore and Stroke: 4.09 x 3.46 in (100.0
x 85.9 mm)

Displacement:329 cu.in. or 5,397cc

Horsepower: 345@5,700 rpm

Torque: 369 lb-ft@ 4,250 rpm

Power to weight ratio: 13.1 lbs per

Compression ratio: 10.4:1

Cd: .34

Fuel system: EZH-LH


5 speed manual transmission,. 4 speed


Independent front aluminum alloy double
A-arms with coil springs

Independent rear aluminum alloy Weissach


Curb weight: 3,593 lbs

Wheelbase: 98.4"

Length: 178.1"

Width: 74.4"

Height: 50.5"

Track front/rear: 61.1"/63.6"

Ground clearance: 4.5"

Brakes and Wheels:

Power assisted, 4 piston aluminum alloy
fixed caliper, internally vented discs, ABS

17x7.5" front, 17x9.0" rear cast aluminum

Fuel Economy:

12 mpg (city) 19 mpg (hwy)


0-60mph: 5.14 seconds

0-1/4 mile: 13.7s

Top Speed: 171 mph

for other 928 models

The Porsche 928 Big928s

The 2nd generation of the 928:
The 928S
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