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Audi:Green city car is shaping up (Audi A2)

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Audi:Green city car is shaping up (Audi A2)

Post by Rabbit106 on Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:07 am

Audi's rumored city car (Audi A2?) is shaping up and we have more information for you.
new car will rival top-end versions of the Ford Ka and Fiat 500. As you
can see from our pictures, the model adds a distinctive body to the
chassis of the up!, with a gaping grille, neat headlamps, beefy
wheelarches and a sculpted rear end. But the most innovative move Ė and
potentially the modelís biggest selling point Ė is the choice of
ultra-economical powerplants. Engineers at the VW Group are working on
a pair of 600cc two-cylinder turbocharged units Ė one diesel and one

Fuel economy is predicted around 95mpg, with super-clean
CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km Ė meaning the Audi wonít cost a
penny in road tax under current rules. The company is also toying with
the idea of introducing a 1.2-litre
three-cylinder engine.

near-100mpg fuel returns are clearly not enough Ė as an electric
powertrain is also under development. Details are sketchy at the
moment, but ultra-low running costs and emissions are guaranteed.


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