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Transmission Mount Bushing Installation

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Transmission Mount Bushing Installation

Post by LhYnxz on Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:10 pm

What is the benefit of replacing my stock transmission bushings?
Well these bushings have been designed with the correct durometer and
dimensions to allow maximum gains without compromising damage to other
components. They are made from precise cast polyurethane in an ideal
hardness to strike a balance between performance and comfort.

are good for elimnating the infamous 2nd gear grind that a lot of
people experience. They will help stabilize the motor allowing the
power to be transferred to the pavement and allow more precise shifting.

WARNING: This mod was performed on a 2001 Volkswagen Getta. I cannot
gaurantee this will work on your vehicle. Work at your own risk.
Installation times will vary upon the installer's experience. It took us about 30 minutes to complete this mod.

Items and Tools Needed:

  1. Transmission Bushings of your choice (we used Turn2's set)
  2. 1 floor jack (we used a 2nd low profile jack so the 1st jack could fit under the car)
  3. Screwdriver
  4. 13, 16, & 18mm sockets
  5. Ratchet and extensions (a breaker bar might come in handy as well for the 2 18mm bolts)
  6. Highspeed drill gun with 11/64 drill drill bit (7/32 to 5/32 should work fine)


Step 1:

A.) Begin by jacking up your vehicle on the driver side. B.) Once
you have clearance under the front of the car, use the second jack to
support the transmission. Don't lift the transmission up high, just
raise the jack until it applies pressure and stop. This step is
important to prevent the tranmission and engine from dropping once the
mount is removed. The remove your stock or aftermarket intake system.
You will need clearance to remove the five bolts from underneath.


Step 2:

D.) Remove your factory or aftermarket air intake system to allow
clearance to the five transmission mount bolts. Also remove the top
cover of the wire guide cover. Simple squeeze the panel and pull it
towards you. It will remove very easily. E.) Once you have the cover
off you will see two of the bolts for the mount. Go ahead and remove
the 5 bolts. We removed the right-most 3 first and then the left-most 2
last. G.) We had to use a breaker bar to remove the 2 18mm bolts. H.)
Once 5 bolts are removed wiggle and pull out the entire transmission
mount. It will be a little tough so some effort will be needed.




Step 4:

I.) With the mount assembly removed you will see 4 rivets holding
it together. J.) You will need to drill each of the 4 rivets out using
the 11/64 drill bit and high-speed drill. You don't need to go real
far, just drill down a small portion. K.) Once the 4 rivets have been
drilled into, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the mount apart. L.)
Now that the housing is apart, remove the upper bushing by pulling it
off. M.) You can see the difference between the Turn2 (left) bushing
and the stock (right) bushing. Place the new bushing into the mount.
N.) Now remove the lower bushing. O.) You can see the difference
between the Turn2 (right) bushing and the stock (left) bushing. P.)
Place the new bushing into the mount. Q.) Put the entire mount back
together. Keep in mind the mount go back together like it did with the
stock bushings. This is because the Turn2 bushing are slightly bigger.


Step 5:

R.) Now reinstalling the mount is gonna be tough. We placed the
lower section in first and then placed the upper part in next.
Whichever way works for you go for it! S.) Put the 5 bolts back in but
do not tighten them until all 5 have been threaded in a good amount.
This will prevent the mount from shifting and making it hard to install
the other bolts. T.) We used the breaker bar to tighten down the 2 18mm
bolts. Since they were on there real good we cranked them down real
well. If you have a torque wrench, refer to the Bentle manual for
proper torque settings.


Your all finished!

We lastly installed the Turn2 sticker to add the additional 5whp =:p

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