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Temperature Sender Replacement

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Temperature Sender Replacement Empty Temperature Sender Replacement

Post by LhYnxz on Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:04 pm

WARNING: Before beginning this procedure, ensure you allow your
engine to completely cool down. The system is pressured and if you
remove your temperature sender while it is still hot, coolant will
spray out and potentially cause severe burns. This mod was performed on
a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta. I cannot gaurantee this will work on your
vehicle. Work at your own risk.
Installation times will vary upon the installer's experience. It took me about 15 minutes to complete this job.

Description of error detected with a VAG-COM:
The following fault code was causing my CEL to come on. I would clear
the code using my VAG-COM but it would come back within a short period
of time.

17704 Error in Mapped Cooling System (usually temp sensor or thermostat)
P1296 35-00 - -

Here is a picture of the old and new temperature
sending units side-by-side for comparison

Temperature Sender Replacement Tpsenders
Here is a summary of part numbers related to this job

OLD -Temperature Sender (Black)
Part#: J78-919-501C

NEW/Updated - Temperature Sender (Green)
Part#: 059-919-501A

Part#: N90316802

Retaining Clip
Part#: 032-121-142


Items and Tools Needed:

  1. Updated, Green-Top Temperature Sending Unit (VW Part #059-919-501A)
  2. New O-Ring Seal (VW Part #N90316802)
  3. Retaining Clip (VW Part #032-121-142) (optional part incase you break existing clip)
  4. Flat-head Screwdriver

Step 1:

Remove the upper and lower engine covers to allow for easy access of the temperature sender.

Step 2:

Remove the retaining clip that secures the temperature sender in
place. Slide the pick into the small portion of the clip that can be
seen. (between the plastic housing and edge of retaining clip). Pull
the clip straight out with minimal force

Temperature Sender Replacement Tpsremove Temperature Sender Replacement Retainclip

Step 3:

With the clip removed pull the temperature sender out. Unplug the 4-pin harness.

Temperature Sender Replacement Tpslocation

Step 4:

Plug the new temperature sender (green) into the 4-pin harness.

Step 5:

Insert the new sender and be sure to press it in firmly.

Temperature Sender Replacement Tpsinstall

Step 6:

Slide the retaining clip and ensure it is securely seated.

Step 7:

Re-install the upper and lower engine covers.

Your finished!

Temperature Sender Replacement L_f875477b5de93375b700b493f12e84dc
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