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Electric water pumps for performance engines.

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Electric water pumps for performance engines. Empty Electric water pumps for performance engines.

Post by LhYnxz on Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:53 pm

"Pump up the volume!"
Electric water pumps for performance engines. Water-pump
In a performance engine you should never underestimate the need for adequate cooling.

All water cooled cars work on the principle of water being pumped
around the engine and then to a radiator where it releases the heat.
Most water pumps are mechanical and run off the crank.
This creates 2 drawbacks:-
Firstly water is pumped in proportion to the engine speed. So if you
have been driving hard and then suddenly go slow the water is being
pumped more slowly and the engine takes much longer to cool down.
Secondly the water pumps exert a pull on the crank. They are usually
fairly bulky and take a fair amount of force to turn the impeller.
Power loses to the water pump alone have been recorded to be as high as
17 bhp on a 170bhp engine.When you look at the benefits of electric water
pumps you wonder why they are not fitted as standard to cars - but as
always it often 'boils' down to cost!

Long used in motorsport an electric water pump is able to address
both of these issues. It must be noted that the extra current it draws
will create pull on the alternator in a similar way to the air
conditioning unit (but nowhere near as much!)
The electric water pump will come as a kit with the main pump and a
controller. The more sophisticated controllers allow you to select an
operating temperature for the engine from within the car.
The benefit of a water pump is that the water is circulated in
direct proportion to temperature. The hotter the water then the faster
it is pumped round the engine and this will assist with cooling. It
also means that the pump is only running when it is actually required
allowing the engine to warm up quickly and maintain an optimum
operating temperature.
You will need to remove the existing water pump impeller and the
thermostat as your electric water pump will replace these. Removal of
the entire water pump is not absolutely necessary; indeed keeping the
belt pulley in place will mean you do not have to get a new belt
A big benefit of an electric water pump is the fact that you can
easily select the operating temperature of your car. Setting the
temperature lower will mean the engine produces more power and setting
it higher will improve the engines economy.
Sitting in traffic will no longer mean the engine reaches dangerous
levels and the cooling fan on the radiator will have less work to do
due to the faster cycling of the engine coolant around the engine.
Fitting an electric water pump is very straightforward, but as every
car's cooling system varies we cannot give specifics here. The pump
will usually fit inline near the switch that operates the flow through
the radiator. You will typically have to cut a hose and fit the water
pump inline and then wire this into the car's ignition circuit.
Depending upon your settings you could even let the water pump run
when the car is stationary allowing it to continue to cool the engine
when it is turned off.

Electric water pumps for performance engines. L_f875477b5de93375b700b493f12e84dc
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