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2000 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro - Street Sleeper: Becca's B5

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2000 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro - Street Sleeper: Becca's B5

Post by LhYnxz on Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:03 pm

In Our Continuing Street Sleeper Series, We Look At Becca Guiney's 390whp Audi A4 1.8T.

writer: Greg Emmerson
photographer: Javad Shadzi

20 year-old (are we allowed to say that?) Becca Guiney from San
Francisco, CA. This student of hospitality management bought her 2000
B5 Audi A4 a little over a year ago and got straight into modifying it."My
boyfriend at the time had an A4 he'd done some work on and I got to
drive it before it was involved in an accident. I liked the way it
drove and the power it had," Becca said."Having decided I wanted
an A4, I found this car on Craigslist but really didn't like the
yellow. However, the color stuck in my head and since it was a manual
transmission I decided to go for it," she continued.

attraction of this particular car is that the previous owner had
installed the OE Audi S4 bumpers, skirts and optional trunk spoiler. He
even color-matched the handles and exterior trim in its original
Brilliant yellow.Looking to the world like a stock S4, Becca
realized she'd better give it some muscle before other drivers came
knocking on her door. Fortunately, the ex worked at Audi tuning shop
034 Motorsport, which knows some 1.8T tricks!"This car is built
much stronger than her boyfriend's was," commented Javad Shadzi,
president of 034 and sometimes photographer. "It was intended to be a
natural progression from his car, so has more power and even greater
potential," he told us.Retaining the stock crank, 034 added
forged Scat rods and forged JE pistons that dropped the compression to
8.5:1. It has 034's reworked mains and rod bearings, and the entire
rotating assembly was balanced to within 1gram.

a solid bottom end, 034 gave the head its stage 3 porting. "We open up
the ports so they flow like the earlier AEB heads, but with none of the
valve seat or heat problems those heads experienced," Javad explained.They
also fitted a pair of Revolver cams (248/258 duration, 8.9/10.5mm lift
in/ex). "These are nice street cams with good low end but they give
power all the way up to 8000rpm, so we also fit titanium valve
retainers and high rate springs so the motor can safely rev to 8000,"
Javad explained.The next step was a phenolic intake manifold
spacer, designed to avoid heat soak into the manifold that would
increase intake temps and reduce power. One of 034's 3" front-mount
intercooler kits was also installed to maintain charge temps.A
Garrett GT3071R turbo was mounted on 034's long-tube header and
connected to its 3" downpipe and exhaust system. An 034EFI stage IIc
engine management ECU was then drafted in to control fuel, ignition,
boost and even the cooling fan operation.
Becca's engine buttoned up and tuned for daily driving duties, this
1.8T from hell hit 350whp, 280 lb-ft on 91-octane pump gas. However, a
switch in the fuse panel allows her to select a 100-octane map that saw
390hp at the wheels with 323 lb-ft.This much power could
dissolve the stock clutch, so 034 installed an RS4-sized 240mm Spec
stage 3+ clutch. They also added a Stasis center diff to help
distribute the power to the front and rear axles but report a rear diff
is urgently required and should follow soon.It would be
irresponsible of Becca to add this much power without corresponding
chassis work, so 034's big brake kits were installed front and rear.
The front consists of four-piston AP Racing calipers on 034 brackets
with 323mm Brembo rotors. The rear uses 300mm rotors and B7 S4 calipers
on special brackets.A set of 17x8" OZ Ultraleggera wheels were
fitted with 225/45 BFG KDW tires all round and these work in
conjunction with H&R springs over Bilstein dampers and Hotchkis
sway bars.With so much power under the hood, interior mods are
restricted to an Innovate Motorsports AFR gauge in a New South
Performance pod mounted on the steering column, and an AWE boost gauge
in the center vent. However, Becca does plan to do more interior work
in the future.

Solid lines show power, torque and psi on pump gas; faint lines are the race gas numbers
speaking, Becca's A4 isn't a true street sleeper since it does have an
S4 body kit, and we argued for days about whether it should be included
in this section. However, we reasoned that even if you think it's a
stock S4, its 400whp 1.8T would put the fear of god into the unwary, so
we included it here. We're sure you'll agree it was the right decision.

Tech Spec
2000 Audi A4 1.8T QuattroOwner: Becca GuineyLocation: San Francisco, CAOccupation: Student

1.8 liter 20v with forged Scat rods, 8.5:1 forged JE pistons, 034
Motorsport mains and rod bearings, rotating assembly balanced, APR main
studs, Raceware head studs, stage 3 head porting, 248/258 Revolver
cams, titanium valve retainers, high-rate valve springs, phenolic
intake manifold spacer, 034 front-mount intercooler kit, Garrett
GT3071R turbo, Tial wastegate, 034 long-tube header, 3" downpipe and
exhaust system, 034EFI stage IIc ECU, HKS air filter, 034 Density Line
motor mounts and snubber bracket kit
Drivetrain: stock five-speed manual with 240mm Spec stage 3+ clutch, Stasis center diff, 034 Density Line transmission mounts
Brakes: 034 big brake kit with four-piston AP Racing front calipers, 323mm Brembo rotors, B7 S4 rear calipers, 300mm rotors
H&R Race springs, Bilstein dampers, Hotchkis sway bars
Wheels & Tires:
17x8" OZ Ultraleggera wheels, 225/45-17 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires
Exterior: Audi S4 bumpers, skirts and trunk spoiler, color-matched handles and rub strips
Interior: Innovate Motorsports air/fuel ratio gauge in New South Performance steering column pod, AWE boost gauge in center vent
10" Kenwood subwoofer

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