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MK4 1.8T TT Intercooler Vent Install

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MK4 1.8T TT Intercooler Vent Install

Post by LhYnxz on Sat Dec 01, 2007 9:55 pm

Why do this mod??
- It hasn't been proven to give extra power but ALL of the Audi turbo cars have them so it definately cant be bad. All it does is allow more airflow to get to the intercooler.

Tools Needed:
- Torx bits
- Razor blade
- Rivet gun
- Drill Parts Needed:
- Audi TT Passenger side wheel vent
Step 1:
- Jack your car up and support it on jack stands and remove your front passenger side wheel.

Step 2:
- Remove the stock wheel liner, theres about 10 torx screws holding it in.

Step 3:
- On Audi TT liner, cutout vent using a razor blade. Make sure you cut about an inch around the vents.

Step 4:
- Heres the tricky part, cutout a hole in your old liner. It MUST be smaller than the TT vent piece that you just cut out. You want to make as big as where the vents are only. Heres a backside shot of it finished so you get what I mean.

Step 5:
- Now line the cutout vent up with the hole in the old liner and drill small holes for the rivets to go into. Using the rivet gun install the rivets into place.

Step 6:
- Your all done!!! Now reinstall the new and improved wheel liner and enjoy your free breathing intercooler!!

I am NOT a professional mechanic and offer this as only a guide. I am not responsible for any damage done as a result of my procedure or the mods performed.
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